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Chemical Biology

Chemical Biology

Research Activity - Chemical Biology

Tuning activity of metalloproteins and incorporation of metal clusters in protein clefts to design novel bio-catalyst.

Synthesis and characterization of hypoxia active metal-based small molecules having potential against various cancer cells.

Designing magnetic metal clusters for therapeutics

Synthetic molecules whose binding to DNA can be photonically controlled

Design and synthesis of bioactive peptides having potential against various cancer cells

Studying mechanism of amyloid aggregation related with Alzheimer's disease and their respective neurotoxicity

Target (Nucleic acid)-assisted combinatorial synthesis.

DNA mediated asymmetric synthesis

Design and synthesis of small molecules targeting G-quadruplex DNA as novel anticancer agents.

Peptide based therapeutics, cancer nanomedicine, drug delivery, biomimetic chemistry, chemical biology, supramolecular chemistry, applied biomaterials, cancer biology, regenerative nanomedicine