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Chemistry of Macromolecules

Chemistry of Macromolecules

Research Activity - Chemistry of Macromolecules

Development of polymers that have potential application in the field of drug delivery with anti tumor prodrugs and link to the nanoparticles so the drug-carrier's path can be influenced by external stimuli like magnetic force facilitating targeted delivery.

Use of controlled/living polymerization techniques such as ROMP and/or ATRP to synthesize random and block copolymers where the composition of the copolymer length that contain drugs can be controlled.

Development of polymers that are used to sense heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury is currently under progress.

Design and synthesis of macromolecular architectures via controlled/living radical polymerization techniques

Water soluble "smart" responsive polymers for drug delivery applications

Polymer-drug/bio-active molecule conjugate and their biological evaluations

Synthesis and characterization of polymeric-inorganic hybrid materials and nanomaterials.

Oxidative polymerization: Polymerization of vinyl monomers under high pressure of oxygen..